Pastor's Letter

E-Mail:Pastor Glenn E. Rogers Jr.

   As Pastor I would like to take this time to thank you for your interest in T.B.C. Lighthouse. Our mission here at T.B.C. is to be a part of families in ministry. Working together for the kingdom of God is our goal for each family member. We are praying for the needs of others in the way of Spiritual helps and trusting we, through the work of God, can become a blessing to our community.

   God has given us a wonderful place to worship together here in the City of Green. We are a growing community and we are honored by the fact that God has placed us here to minister. We always welcome those who are looking for a church home, where not only can we worship together, but also serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

   We live in a day where people, no doubt, live busy lives, but we know the presence of God and church in your families will bring a greater fulfillment to family and home. So we here at T.B.C. invite you and encourage you to come and worship with us on Sunday.


Temple Baptist Church - 1212 Greensburg Road
P.O. Box 181 - Green, Ohio 44232-0181
Phone: (330) 896-1969